Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
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Industry: Telecommunications

Founded: 2005

Cell Phone Signal Booster provides solutions to combat low mobile reception indoors and in vehicles. 

Our business' aim is to raise awareness of existence of our cell phone signal boosters that work across all mobile devices on all service provider networks in USA and Canada. 

Increasing this awareness will not only increase ours sales but it will genuinely help business and personal users alleviate the frustration of "low signal" reception indicator.

Low signal causes dropped calls, static/ garbled/ choppy voice, failed text messages, and calls routed straight to voicemail although smartphone user may be available to answer the call.  Low signal also causes slow Internet download and upload speeds on smart phones which results in having to wait a long time for each page to download.

Enjoy great reception with our cell phone signal boosters that boost reception indoors as well as in vehicles!