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Commercial Cell Phone Signal Booster

Part Beauty. Part Beast. All Business. Powerful commercial cell phone signal boosters now offer better value.

​​​​​​​ has announced this week that they will now be offering two commercial signal boosters (one 50 Ohm and another 75 Ohm impedance) for as low as $1300 each.

Their commercial grade products including the Pro 70 series booster addresses a common problem faced by businesses and commercial properties - Consumer cell phone boosters while quite powerful for large homes, do not provide the coverage area necessary to service large swaths of interior spaces of large businesses in buildings and in commercial properties like shopping malls. With commercial cell phone signal boosters, buildings of up to 25,000 square feet can effectively gain an increase in signal strength using a single amplifier, allowing for a more functional/optimized working, shopping, and interacting environment.

The commercial grade cell phone signal boosters differ from the personal cell phone signal boosters because they are more powerful and require a certified technician to install the product. With this consideration in mind, the contents of the kit have intuitive instructions and all of the necessary components to help expedite the process of installation with less risk of frustrations from lack of a part or encrypted directions. Should the licensed technician have any inquiries about installation of a product, he or she can call the toll free customer support line.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of the commercial grade cell phone signal booster is its ability to boost signals within buildings that typically cause interference and/or dropped calls within the structure. Specifically, buildings constructed of concrete and metal have a higher risk of diminishing the strength of a cell signal. Most commercial grade properties, especially those in larger urban areas, have construction mandates that require walls to have metal beam supports. Therefore, odds that a commercial property would not have the strongest possible cell phone signals within, are highly probable. 

Commercial grade cellphone signal boosters address not only the framework and structure of the building, but also other common issues such as interior debris and obstacles that generally cause connectivity problems. Commercial signal amplifiers offer a greater amount of power than consumer ones, allowing for higher performance, range, and signal penetration capabilities. Like consumer grade amplifiers, these commercial ones boost reception for all cell devices from all cell carriers in USA & Canada including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile in United States and Bell, Telus, Rogers Wireless in Canada.

It takes the weaker signals that exist outside and channel them indoors. Thereafter, those signals are amplified many fold by the powerful commercial cell amplifier and distributed inside the building via network of interior antennas (a vaguely similar concept to that of DAS - Distributed Antenna System). This is, in the most simplistic terms, the workings of a cell phone signal booster. And while the cell phone booster is not a substitution for cell phone subscription services, it does improve those services which the provider offers by maximizing the amount of time a person can use his or her phone, while minimizing the amount of dropped calls and loss of time and data used in re-connecting devices to their service providers.

Commercial cellular reception boosting products offer maximum cell tower to device power when compared to other non-commercial cell phone signal boosting solutions. Larger buildings requiring substantially more coverage than 25,000 sq. ft. (such as stadiums or larger warehouses), can opt for other even more powerful commercial grade products offered by the company. Additionally, the Professional series allows for higher up-link and down-link power. Higher up-link & down-link power allows for greater call ranges and expands interior coverage area.

All commercial grade products have three years manufacturers warranty. To discuss the specifics of any commercial cell signal booster, to order additional parts for commercial grade kit, or to discuss the differences between the products offered, please contact the company directly. is the leading retailer of signal boosting kits for a variety of smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots, and their related antennas, parts and accessories.