Cell Phone Signal Booster Extends Coverage 60% Farther for Cars, Minivans, SUVs.

Cell Phone Signal Booster For Car

​This week, CellPhoneSignalBooster.us is highlighting their powerful “extreme” cell phone signal booster for cars, minivans, and SUVs. The device is being offered as an affordable auto accessory kit (complete with the needed attachments and instructions for user to mount the system) with intention of boosting the strength of weak signals across American and Canadian roads and highways. But it is not just the traveling vehicle which the kit is catered to - Recreational vehicles have also been noted as beneficiaries to the new device, especially those vehicles which require signals during camping and tailgating events in areas where signal strength may be weak. Cell phone signal booster’s announcement is based upon the successful addressing of a common need within the cell phone market among commuters. 

This demand was for industry to produce means of increasing cell phone signal strength in remote areas where their cell phones get very poor signals. While there have been advances in smart phones themselves, an ability to produce a stronger signal has still been an issue amongst many cellular providers due to difficult problem of topography and structural blockages. The reduced wireless signals have caused a number of issues such as loss of critical information for carriers, inability to use mobile communications in an emergency, and inability to utilize certain Mi-Fi/ smart phone dependent features on the vehicle due to the weak signal. Because cell phone signal boosters have met the demand to increase the signal strength within a vehicle, these issues are greatly minimized.

The cell phone signal booster for car which is available for purchase through the company’s site is designed to boost the signal within a vehicle (whether it is a car, minivan, or SUV) up to 60% farther than that of other standard non-extreme signal boosters. Additionally, the booster allows for users to increase the battery life. This is accomplished by having fewer dropped calls which in turn results in less power being used to “connect” and then reconnect to the tower signal provider. Battery life is also extended as a result of not needing several applications open to obtain a signal. While the kit cannot add to the data plan and service plan that you have with your current provider, the kit can and does optimize the functionality of the phone by increasing the strength of the signal and thereby decreasing the amount of power used.

The cell phone signal booster kit is guaranteed to boost reception for all cell phone makes and models. Specifically the 3G and the 4 LTE capable phones for practically any cell phone model and from all service providers in the USA and Canada. This includes phones from AT&T,  Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Those which use prepaid phone options outside of the major service providers can contact their provider to confirm they use the network of major carriers. In Canada Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility, and Bell Canada are the service providers among others that this device will work with. Overall, the cellphone designs and providers which are compatible with the cell phone signal booster kit cover the span of entire USA and Canadian market allowing for users to utilize the equipment with his or her existing phone.

When asked about the specifics of why a cell phone signal would benefit the average commuter, it was stated that "The stronger the signal, the easier it is for content to stream to the device". For example, if you want to have an email or video to stream to a smart phone device or to the infotainment system of a vehicle, then the signal should not be less than -90 db, especially if that device is to deliver streaming video or live feeds of information. Yet, in many places the decibels can reach -110 db range (a dead zone) within cars due to weak signal outside compounded with its body composition such as a metal roof. By increasing the signal to a functional strong rating such as -50dB, users experience higher rate of clarity (meaning that the songs and downloads do not sputter) and a quicker upload and download time for information (such as GPS services, website pages, etc.) with less potential for dropped calls, missed data, or glitches in streaming.

To keep the kit intuitive to the public, the kit has been designed for easy installation for both drivers and for maintenance technicians. Installation kit consists of cellular amplifier, internal and external antennae, and cords to connect them. It also has step-by-step instructions both for installation and for usage of the booster. Drivers who have questions regarding the placement of antenna, or if the driver would like to discuss the various methods for mounting exterior antenna (such as bolt mount vs. magnetic mount), they are encouraged to contact the toll free phone support to address any questions or concerns about the product.

CellPhoneSignalBooster.us is owned and operated by Accessory Fulfillment Center, LLC. , located in Houston, Texas, USA. They are one of the nation's leaders in the sales of high quality smart phone signal boosters such as the one being highlighted this week, that is manufactured in United States.

Source: CellPhoneSignalBooster.us